out of the SHADOWS

by Michael Hodges (aka MyklH)

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released March 3, 2016

Watching the clouds go by appears on Sounds of Summer by various Apptronica artists and parts of it are found on the MyklH apptronica album entitled Voyage to the Machine Planet.

Deep skies appears on The Silent Light by Apptronica artists at apptronica.bandcamp.com/album/the-silent-light

Dancing in space appears on Space Rock II: Return to Space at sound4good.bandcamp.com/album/space-rock-ii-return-to-space

Assembly M (Saturation mix) appears on Assembly by Mood481. Thanks to Clif Johnston for the original Patterning template.

Dying to haunt you appears on Apptronica presents Fugue State and other stories by Apptronica artists at apptronica.bandcamp.com/album/fugue-state

Samhain visitations appears on The Spirit of Samhaim at martinneuhold.bandcamp.com/album/the-spirit-of-samhain

Acified clangers appears on the Grainscapes album by Apptronica artists at apptronica.bandcamp.com/album/grainscapes

Chilling in the lobby appears on Jetzt und Hier - ein Album für Flüchtlinge Vol. 1 at jetztundhier.bandcamp.com/album/jetzt-und-hier-ein-album-f-r-fl-chtlinge-vol-1

Chime the bell is a song by Emily Needs (many thanks to them). The original version can be found on The Haunting of Emily Needs at emilyneeds.bandcamp.com/album/the-haunting-of-emily-needs.

The following iOS Apps were used to create songs on this album (in no particular order): Fieldscaper, iM1, Fugue machine, Patterning, Lorentz, iMini, WaveMapper, iKaossilator, Animoog, SoundScaper, Jordantron, Nave, ThumbJam, Photophore, Laplace, Thor, Mitosynth, SampleTank, iProphet, Borderlands Granular, AUFX:space, Crystalline, Echo Pad, Auria LE and Pro, AudioShare, FinalTouch, Mastering, DropBox.

WARNING : Dancing in the lobby and chilling in the lobby were made with Omnisphere 2 on a PC.

MyklH would like to thank the Apptronica digital label for their continued support. Check out other Apptronica artists at apptronica.co.uk



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Michael Hodges (aka MyklH) Les Ulis, France

A music loving plant biologist - British but living close to Paris (France) for over 30 years - to make music I have an iPad containing many pages of Music Making Apps and a PC running Ableton Live and many soft synths. I have a rather eclectic musical taste but my music is often ambient soundscapes, but also jazz & electro orientated tunes made in my spare time, often late at night. ... more

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